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Listen to music to CHANGE YOUR world

Our health and the environment are connected. Our non-profit makes music to remind people of the importance to make decisions to help the environment. For example, deciding to not drink water in plastic bottles, can help reduce plastic waste. Also, eating less meat and consider or no meat at all, will reduce the carbon foot print. Cows are responsible for much of the greenhouse gases.  We're asking for celebrity artists to sing just 4 bars to bring about positive change. The earth needs everyone to help.

#Global Warming #Plastic Bottle 

#Climate Change #free music

Global Warming or Climate Change whatever you want to call it---it's a real thing. Listen, download, and share the song for free to help make a difference.  These songs were professionally mixed at Capitol Records Studio. 

Climate Change

Climate change poses one of the biggest challenges to the long term health of the world’s population. Climate change has led to an increase in the global temperature and sea levels and also to the reduction in the agricultural outputs and also to deforestation. Climate change has a significant impact on the air that we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink and also on the land that we live. The health effects of climate change are also very great. With strong evidence to show that climate change will have a great effect on human health, many people do not pay attention to it and it is poorly understood by some people.

There is already a significant impact of climate change on human societies and natural ecosystems all over the world, the impact will get much more severe if global warming continues. It also threatens human health in varieties of ways which includes impacts from increased in extreme weather events, decreased air quality, wildfire, illnesses that are transmitted by water, food, and disease-carriers like ticks and mosquitoes. The World Health Organization also estimated that about 140000 people die every year due to the result of climate change while millions of people are ill with diseases like heatstroke, asthma and some are physically harmed.


How Plastic Bottles Affect The Ocean

There are about 300 million tons of plastic that are produced every year with half of them estimated to be for only single use and they are then dumped in the oceans after use. This then creates an underwater smog of plastic debris and this then affects the seabirds and marine life that ingest it which can then affect the health of the people that consume the affected animals later.

From a documentary that was filmed by a journalist Craig Leeson, a director of A Plastic Ocean discovered discarded plastic bottles on the ocean floor while he was filming whales underwater in the India Ocean off the coast of Sri Lanka. He then traveled to about 20 locations so as to show the effects of plastic on the marine ecosystem and his documentary then talks about how the plastic in the ocean breaks up over time to become tiny pieces called microplastics. This then enters the food chain and it brings toxins into the fatty tissues of the fish and other animals which will then be transmitted to human during consumption.

Air Quality

Indoor and outdoor air pollution affect air quality and it can lead to a threat to human health. Air pollution can easily be caused by the release of harmful contaminants into the atmosphere. Air pollution is a global issue and it affects individuals from all walks of life. Particulate matter is one of the dangerous air pollutants as the exposure to this can lead to significant adverse health effects. These particulates matter can penetrate into the human lung which can lead to a higher incidence of cardiovascular and respiratory disease. From a recent study, it shows that about 5 million people die prematurely every year because of air pollution and it also accounts for about one in every ten deaths annually. There is a need to reduce air pollution levels so that human health now and for the future generations can be improved.



#Global Warming #climate change #air quality #water bottle #FREE MUSIC